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Good morning, afternoon or evening. I would like to present myself as a man who firmly believes in Communism and that a Communistic society is the only society in which people can truly be happy and succeed, said-belief in Communism being found sometime last year during a period of time where I would simply sit in my room, occasionally watch videos involving the subject of Communism and just sit in my room and think upon my life and how much I had wasted my 18-soon-to-be-18 years on this great Earth by doing the exact thing I was doing. Yet, through my wasteful behavior, I'd found knowledge, intelligence and enlightenment in general about the world around me, the corruption I'd willingly let happen-and supported-and the corrupt dictatorship which I openly supported-all because I was taught that doing so was the right thing to do and, in the event that I'd decide to go against said-rules and beliefs which I was taught to support from birth, I was to be punished and belittled by my closest friends and family.

I was nothing more than an empty, confused man who had no direction in life. I was truly a rebel without a cause, and, after realizing this and the truth about the truth, I drove myself insane for a good portion of last year, which I personally believe caused pain for my family, yet, strangely enough, happiness for my friends and I. You see, when I went mad, I'd found true happiness. I found peace, love and tranquility. I had-quite literally-found sanity within insanity, which sounds like an onomatopoeia, or a statement which contradicts itself, but, for the sake of education and open-mindedness, please keep reading.

What I've found is that what a large majority of society openly accepts as the definitions of "sanity" and "insanity" are clearly incorrect and corrupted to their very cores. You see, being a person who is free-thinking, opinionated and, quote, "... Different and abnormal to a large majority of citizens in any one specific location," end quote, is defined as being, quote, "Insane," while being a person who is obedient, mindless, narrow-minded and, quote, "...Against anything which goes against what is considered, quote, '... Normal,' by a large majority of citizens in any one specific location," end quote, if defined as being, quote, "Sane." Doesn't that seem a bit, um, odd to any of you who might be reading this right now? Doesn't this seem like it makes absolutely no sense in any way, shape and/or form? Does it sound like a load of rubbish which has been created by a man who's completely lost his mind? Exactly.

If any of you simply came to the conclusion that what I personally believe is nothing more than garbage which isn't even worth considering performing the action of processing said-beliefs a civilized, intelligent and open-minded way, then you, in my opinion, are the one who is truly insane. You are the person who can't make actions on your own. You are the person who truly needs assistance with performing everyday tasks and living a normal life. Oh, wait! That's right! There's absolutely no such thing as normal.

Normality is simply an opinion believed to be fact by closed-minded individuals who don't want to be accepting-or at least tolerant-of someone else's lifestyle and/or opinions and thinks that said-lifestyle(s) and/or opinion(s) is and/or are to be ultimately destroyed and never be seen and/or heard of again so they wouldn't have to worry about this kind of thing coming back to, quote, "... Disrupt the balance of society as a whole," end quote. Normality is nothing more than an idea when, on paper, seems logical, yet, when you think about it, is complete and total nonsense that was and, to this very day, still is completely and totally defunct and it shall stay that way as long as open-mindedness and individuality is supported-not suppressed,

Then again, is supporting individuality and open-mindedness becoming "normal"? Is being who you want to be and not caring what other people think becoming "normal"? Come to think of it, aren't these kinds of opinions truly, quote, "becoming the norm"? Is normality not only a theory, but a proven fact as well? I believe that this type of believe all falls upon one thing and one thing only: Perception.

Perception is the way someone and/or something sees the world around himself/herself/itself and how he, she, it and/or they process said-surroundings and what he, she it and/or they believe to be true, false and/or plausible, Perception is the one thing which will always prevent many people from experiencing true open-mindedness and acceptance of certain actions, events and/or statements performed and/or made by someone and/or something. Say, someone could be openly supportive of gay marriage yet is disgusted by the idea of interracial relationships. Perception of reality varies from person-to-person, and this is what truly holds back a large majority of people from being able to consider facts and/or opinions to truly be facts and/or opinions without any issue whatsoever. But this leads to an amazing discovery I've made over the past year-and-a-half: This is what makes humanity truly beautiful.

When you think about it, the desire to be different is proof that we're all truly the same. Individuality, in hindsight, truly means, quote, "To be human." Individuality truly supports the idea of just being human and embracing said-humanity without being a judgmental and narrow-minded bigot who believes that that person, place and/or thing is completely wrong and nothing anyone and/or anything says and/or does can and/or will change his, her and/or their own personal opinion(s). Individuality is truly the meaning of life, and, if anyone can't and/or won't embrace this personal revelation of mine, then more power to you. That's what makes you an individual, a person and, most of all, a human being in general.

Thank you all so much for reading this. This was meant to be a request to join a Communism group on dA, but, instead, it turned into a philosophical rambling which gave me so many conclusions which I've been struggling to find and/or reach for so long, and I'm glad that I found that group or else this rambling wouldn't have occurred and I wouldn't have made so many breakthroughs. I'm posting this on my FurAffinity page (Yes, I'm a furry. Bite me :P ... Woof.), so anyone and/or everyone on my FA can view this as well!

So, uh... Yeah. That's about it.

May God and/or whatever deity you may and/or may not believe in bless you with life, love, happiness and good health!

I love you all!

Brock, a.k.a. mesuku23 (mesuki230 on FurAffinity)


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